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Simply The Best Strap Dress

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Sculptural Silk Strap Dress in Black and Pink, crafted in Los Angeles, California, USA

Key features:

  • Innovative Design: This sculptural dress showcases an artistic composition of black and pink silk strips, offering a visually captivating silhouette.
  • Dynamic Strap Arrangement: The dress's body features three strategically placed black straps in the front and two in the back. Floor-length straps in the front and back, and shorter side straps are then used to construct the skirt.
  • Luxurious Silk Composition: Crafted from the finest silk, this dress combines the tactile pleasure of high-quality fabric with the visual impact of its avant-garde design.
  • Hand-Painted Musical Accents: The dress features musical notes delicately hand-painted onto the silk fabric, an impactful artistic touch.

The Simply the Best Sculptural Silk Strap Dress reflects our commitment to quality and style, with each detail crafted by hand. Bring the essence of expertly made French luxury couture to your wardrobe with this made for red carpet dress.

🎼 A stylish symphony of LA boldness, Parisian elegance and Middle Eastern allure 🎼

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