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Djendeli - Lingerie Dress - Dresses
Sevahna in Lingerie Dress, 2020 (top); Alijah, Anastassija in Allegro Collection dresses, 2023 (left). Los Angeles, CA
Djendeli - Women Protesting - Black Dress and Yellow Dress

About us

Dans la peau d'une autre...

"In another woman's skin..."

Fashion, through the eyes of designer Anthony Hamdan Djendeli, is a reflection of society, pretty or ugly, a fight, an outlet for the joys and pains of being part of this world. Every step in the process, from the design, to the draping and the patterns of the garments, to the creative direction of editorial photo shoots, is Anthony's way to tell a story, his commentary on the society he grew up in, the one in which he currently lives, and the one he dreams could be a better place for all womankind.

Anthony draws inspiration from his collaboration over the years with top European designers, but his passion comes from his deep love and respect for the women in his life, and his desire to see them transformed and uplifted by the simple act of putting on a garment that makes them feel invincible.

After graduating from the top fashion school in France for pattern makers and drapers, Anthony went on to work in Paris for some of the most recognizable French fashion houses, working on ready to wear and haute couture, as well as a number of iconic Red Carpet looks.

Now, his fashion brand, Djendeli, brings his years of experience to the Los Angeles fashion scene, making limited edition collections that celebrate of the power of femininity, and tell the story of perseverance, liberation, and self expression.

"Dans la peau d'une autre..." is about living a day in another woman's skin, and finding that what makes us different is what makes us powerful. It is about embracing different cultures and unique points of view. It is about employing the power of fashion to become who you want to be. If you are what you wear, you can transform yourself with Djendeli.

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