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Allegro Collection Look Book - Djendeli - Women's Fashion

Allegro Collection Look Book

Inspired by dance and music, elegant and empowering, made in LA with French couture detailing. The Allegro Collection is the latest offering by French designer Anthony Hamdan Djendeli, showcasing flowing gowns, form-fitting bodysuits, and silk chiffon tunics, pants and crops.

See designer Anthony Hamdan Djendeli's recommended stylings for the collection below.

Josephine Baker

Ginger's Revenge

Katherine In Paris

Ginger Rogers

Martha Graham

Sofia Boutella

Hayworth Graham Pas de Deux

Red Ginger

Ginger's Red Revenge

Katherine Dunham

Hayworth Fonteyn Pas de Deux

Sylvie Guillem

Hayworth Guillem Pas de Deux

Fonteyn Jenmaire Pas de Deux

Red Revenge

Sofia Boutella

Anna Sofia Ensemble