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Duden Djellaba Dress

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Conceptual Multi Layered Dress, crafted in Los Angeles, California, USA

Key Features:

  • Djellaba-Inspired Design: Avant-garde Middle Eastern style dress drawing inspiration from the traditional djellaba, blending cultural heritage with modern fashion for a unique and stylish silhouette.
  • Unique CD Collection Print: This conceptual multi layered dress boasts a unique multicolor stripe pattern that transforms into high-resolution images of the designer's personal CD collection at a closer look. The layout varies for each piece, making each dress one of a kind.
  • Elegant Double Layered Train: A long, hollow double layered train extends from the collar at the back, adding dramatic volume and movement.
  • Flowing Jersey Skirt Base: A base layer of flowing black jersey ensures comfort and a flattering silhouette.
  • Gold Silk Accents: Features a gold silk collar opening to a keyhole neckline, and closed by a button.
  • Functional Cargo Pockets: Equipped with two stylish yet practical cargo pockets on the print layer. Enhanced with gold silk outlining for a luxurious touch.

The djellaba-inspired Duden Conceptual Multi Layered Dress reflects our commitment to quality and style, with each detail crafted by hand. Bring the essence of expertly made French luxury couture to your wardrobe with this avant-garde Middle Eastern style dress.

🎼 A stylish symphony of LA boldness, Parisian elegance and Middle Eastern allure 🎼

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Act II: Adagio

🎼 A stylish symphony of boldness, elegance and allure.

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