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Red Carpet / Custom Made

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Bedtime Story Gown

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Avant-Garde Red Carpet Ensemble, rose-pink, crafted in Los Angeles, California, USA

Key Features:

  • Custom Made For Red Carpet: For an unforgettable red carpet appearance.
  • Structured High Dramatically Flaring Collar: A structured high collar dramatically flares to frame the face and shoulders. It stretches down the front, ending just above the knee, creating a sophisticated play of reveal and conceal.
  • Luxurious Long Train of Rose Pink Silk: Completing the look is a luxurious long train of rose-pink silk. Endlessly cascading to the floor, it adds a final touch of drama and grace to the ensemble.
  • Hand-Painted Polka Dots: Hand-painted contrast-color black polka-dots add a dark element to the rosy pink ensemble.

The Bedtime Story Avant-Garde Red Carpet Ensemble is crafted by hand in Los Angeles, and reflects our commitment to the quality and style of expertly made French luxury couture.

With a nod to an iconic red carpet moment of the past, a rosy pink barrier presents a visual metaphor for the passage of time and our desire to capture and preserve moments of beauty.